Project Title


Boisterous Men are two free-spirited fellas from Serbia, a place where old values are still included in everyday life. They don’t pursue anything, they are exactly what they are, they do what they like and what they know best.

One of the two artists is Markwood, a melancholic with a positive attitude, a studio geek that had spent too many years in the studio, creating and perfecting, playing almost every instrument in the arrangements of his music. He is a producer of electronic music, DJ, and a frontman of the rock band Chip n Charge, always experimenting and on the look-out for something new.

The other half of this duo is Aca Pejcic, a true artist, a multi-instrumentalist who plays piano, kaval, and saxophone. His musical expression is a mixture of world ethnic music, with an accent on Balkan, African, and the music of India, and all that viewed through the prism of jazz music. Besides Boisterous Men, Pejcic is an active member of many bands – Kochetov Kvintet, Bliks, Caras, Wine in Rakia, Thrill Seeking Polymers, and Esoteric Oil Lamp. Playing live almost every day is what he does and perhaps what he will always do.

So on the one hand, there’s a crazy producing and recording fellow, a solitary soul, – and on the other hand, there’s a crazy instrumentalist, master of improvisation and live sessions, the fellow everybody likes, the real crowd-pleaser, – and when you put those hands together you get Boisterous Men – and that’s what they are.