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Soundkrampf is a professional sound geek, since he is into sound and music every day - both professionally and personally.

He graduated Sound design and recording at Faculty of Dramatic Arts, University of Arts in Belgrade, master studies in Music in Media at Faculty of Philology and Arts, University of Kragujevac and currently is on doctoral studies in Dramatic and Audiovisual Arts at Academy of Arts, University of Novi Sad.

So far he worked as a sound designer, recordist, boom operator and composer on many feature films, shorts, documentaries, commercials... as well for radio and theater. He started producing electronic music 15 years ago and today has more than a 100 digital releases under several aliases. Soundkrampf is his latest project, the most serious one, where he combined big experience and knowledge with edm passion. His sounds are his feelings, and his music is not something he lives from, but what he lives for.